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Wire leaps from the darkened wood panel out into space, aspiring to meander indefinitely with the ebb and flow of the thoughts shooting off rapidly in their creator’s brain.  There are surges of winding inspiration, those leaping trails of unending opportunities that seem untamable.  But nothing can be so ambitious without the proper support; the rude awakening of a mundane life sets in, and the necessity to stay grounded curves those lines back into their assigned places.  There is no nailing down inspiration, especially when the parameters set in place are bound to rust, and the mind can only be programmed to function in a level state for so long before it flies out wildly into another manic rampage.  One single signal of excitement ignites the next, motivating another idea into motion until it begins to brim at the edges and explode into possibilities.  It is a relentless pattern of capture and release.  The moral should always be that true passion, imagination, and determination will never cease to persevere.  The battle is fending off the taunting voices, waiting for that one vulnerable moment…


Capture? Or sweet release?

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